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I wrote this for the Wesleyan students …Jet lagged, the rush of packing and preparing things to be done by others while I take a break and literally advance 5 or six hours into the future in St Benoit, I sat down and saw something about the future on Andrew Sullivan’s Dish about the future […]

This review by Michael Hirsch in the New York  Times of Niall Ferguson’s THE ASCENT OF MONEY, A Financial History of the World complements the post just below about the New Year. Ferguson took a popular book on evolution (the Ascent of Man) as a model for writing about money. ONLY, the outcome does not […]

Happy (?) New (?) Year

If the Queen of England felt it was time to be cautious wishing the world new year greetings, I should think that was a warrant to follow suit. And I will. What’s New? About the New Year? It has been a long time since a new year threatened us with such much newness. World War […]