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The title comes from an addage in the Oratory of St Philip Neri. Started accidentally around the figure of Philip Neri, a Florentine in 16th century Rome, the Oratory got its name from a place of prayer and was mostly a lay movement. When it formalized and included a congregation of brothers and priests, Philip […]

When Newman republished his lectures on the teaching office of the Church as Via Media I, he was a Roman Catholic in his 70s. The preface was meant to answer his own Anglican charges against corruptions in the Roman Church. He did not refute the charges and publications like the Dublin Review were shocked though […]

Before becoming a Catholic, John Henry Newman had to resolve two problems he had with Rome. First, was Rome a factory for new doctrines? Second, were official Roman practices really abuses? He answered the first with his Essay on Development. The second he took decades to think through and develop and then publish as a […]

The Realism of Newman

What good is the Church? Not much says Newman who had a way of granting the opposition validity without accepting all the conclusions. Here is an Anglican sermon: Still on the whole the great multitude of men have to all appearance remained, in a spiritual point of view, no better than before. The state of […]

Old Gold

A friend, another Newman scholar, wrote to tell me that at 69 she is getting married for the first time. The groom is only a few years older and a widower. Newman used to say that he really appreciated old saints because we get a bit chalky as we get older and the love and […]

In discussions of faith, it seems to be a constant that conscience as the basis of religious faith gets overlooked or is even replaced by some other principle. So one more time, let us hear Cardinal Newman… “I add one remark. Certainly, if I am obliged to bring religion into after-dinner toasts, (which indeed does […]

The book of Numbers is about the numbers of Hebrews that went with Moses across the desert to the promised land. It is a delightful book. Part of the delight is how Moses handled the organization of this great crowd of ex-slaves. Foundational to the organization was a sense that Moses was a prophet…a leader […]

Edith Wharton looked the very essence of a high society grande dame of 1900. Willa Cather for all her western and midwestern novels dressed fashionably and spent her last years in New York City. Both wrote books that are still companions revealing to me with empathy and deep insight the place of suffering, the cruelty […]

Newman’s depression

I cannot leave August behind without sharing Newman’s honest description of the depression he suffered as a Catholic. I do this because we think of saints as cheerful in God’s service even though John of the Cross writes horrific accounts of the dark night of the soul, Therese of Lisieux suffered near despair the last […]

John Henry Newman August 11

August 11 is the anniversary of the death of John Henry Newman, “Cardinal Newman,” who if he had not lived into his late 70s would have died believing he was a failure. He was a brilliant, holy (a favorite motto, “holiness rather than peace”), church man who spent one half of his life in the […]

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