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Obama, Punahou, and I

Word searching on the new Obama bio, Punahou comes up a lot. So 1. Obama’s school was different. I went to a school regimented like a New England Prep School…in the academy 4 years of history, English, French, 2 of science and math and two years of another foreign language  to make up for not […]

Identity & Obama & Race

iJews fleeing the Nazis could as German  run to Switzerland. It was the Swiss who insisted on the big J being stamped on their passports wo they could be kept out. You know J meant they were potential parasites or just people trying to stay alive. There was no requirement to label Jewish assets in […]

I posted under the death of the Magna Charta my horror over the Obama administration’s decision to expand the right of presidents to torture without charges and hope of trial or appeal “suspects” and suspects of what I say since there are no charges. Here is a good summaryof this horrible dynamic  from Daily Kos: Open thread […]

45 years ago

This week of August 22, I arrived in South Carolina to be an Oratorian seminarian. The year was 1964. In my experience that year was in between the Hungarian revolution in 1956…the first international event that I followed, the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem, the Berlin Wall crisis, the Cuban missile crisis, the JFK assassination, the […]