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The title comes from an addage in the Oratory of St Philip Neri. Started accidentally around the figure of Philip Neri, a Florentine in 16th century Rome, the Oratory got its name from a place of prayer and was mostly a lay movement. When it formalized and included a congregation of brothers and priests, Philip […]

John Henry Newman August 11

August 11 is the anniversary of the death of John Henry Newman, “Cardinal Newman,” who if he had not lived into his late 70s would have died believing he was a failure. He was a brilliant, holy (a favorite motto, “holiness rather than peace”), church man who spent one half of his life in the […]

Philip Neri May 26

Philip Neri, 1515-1595, is much beloved by the spectrum of Catholics who dot the current landscape. He has always been appealing since he is genial, original, and demanding in his own sly way. He was a mystic who distrusted visions. (If you see the Blessed Virgin Mary, spit on her, he said. He was sure […]

L’ARCHE is French for ARK. It is a movement started by a French Canadian who in 1964 invited two men with disabilities into his home. From there, it became an international lay movement. It is NOT a community that serves people with disabilities but a community of people with those with disabilities. I showed a […]

Newman’s Birthday Feb. 21…

John Henry Newman’s life spanned one century (1801-1890) and two Churches…Anglican and beginning in 1845, Catholic. His sermons, preached and published when he was at Oxford, are still in print! His autobiography, the Apologia Pro Vita Sua (this is NOT translated as “excuse me for living”) and The Idea of a University are English classics. […]