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I was reading Extension Magazine, a publication of the society that raises funds for “home” missions. There were a few brief interviews with vocation directors. One of them said we should not promote priest recruitment by talking about the needs, the closings of parishes, and such. He said nobody wants to join a sinking ship […]

Say Amen, Somebody!

I attended a graduation today, Pentecost. counting three out of four of my own, I have only been at four! But before going to the one today I read complaints posted on the net about the unseemly yelling and shrieking that goes on when a graduate’s name is called out. Oh. Except for the historic […]

Tech too far?

I have three email accounts, two office desks with voice mail, three browsers, and a cell phone. I have access to a PC in two offices and a Mac. (I kept calling it an apple, but find out that this is wrong.) And I considered twitter! I looked at it in early 2009, but I […]


The feast is dominated by the big news from Ireland…a nearly 3000 page SUMMARY of a huge report on sex abuse in Catholic orphanages run by the Irish Christian Brothers, Sisters of Mercy, and a number of other religious orders over the past four or five decades. The Irish government was in cahoots failing to […]