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It has been years since I have had an extended period to read. ┬ájust a few weekends ago, I had a University homily, a wedding homily, a funeral homily, and a parish homily to prepare over a three day period of preaching. Now I am picking up things I put aside and forgot about and […]

Book Reports

Here are books by my chair and bed. These are the kind of book reports you wish that you could submit in school…short. But I have read them! I recommend them for a variety of reasons which you will note. First of all, there is a book I left behind in Idaho with the Benedictine […]

One of the treasures I was too shy to look for was Elizabeth Jennings then at Oxford. But I did buy her poetry and try to pass it on. This is part III of Christmas Suite in Five Parts: a litany Mary of solace, take our hope, Girl untouched, take our hands, Lady of Heaven […]