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Do you think I’ll weaken?

Fr David Valtierra would be 65 today. I told him once I was worried about him. He was very conservative and idealistic so some people thought he was a liberal. When I expressed my concern about his ability to keep working away, he said, “Do you think I’ll weaken?” As one of the weakest of […]

Spiderman and Priesthood

Stuff accurate if not sympathetic about  priesthood would make a short list. One of the most accessible items is also popular: the Spiderman movies, especially number 2. His mission makes him a loner  because those he loves would be in danger if they were in on the secret. One solution, love nobody, would dehumanize him. The […]

I would be hard pressed to say anything concrete about sacrificial love and the life of a priest. If there had been a real spouse and she had died, there would be some sympathy. But there never was a spouse so what was given up? Maybe just trouble, a divorce, something grim. The same goes […]

I was reading Extension Magazine, a publication of the society that raises funds for “home” missions. There were a few brief interviews with vocation directors. One of them said we should not promote priest recruitment by talking about the needs, the closings of parishes, and such. He said nobody wants to join a sinking ship […]

In the 1960s I was off to Catholic University after a break as a formal tyrone or novice in the Oratory. I asked to major in English literature since there was so much human experience in that it should be good preparation for priesthood. (Alas, that day is gone because the theory now is there […]


I was asked to join Rotary when I was a pastor in Hawaii. My sponsor offered to pay the membership fees since everything I had was going to the seminarians we were educating for our Oratorian foundation. I showed the Rotarian my living space (the priest who followed me declined to live there.) The tour […]