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Spiderman and Priesthood

Stuff accurate if not sympathetic about  priesthood would make a short list. One of the most accessible items is also popular: the Spiderman movies, especially number 2. His mission makes him a loner  because those he loves would be in danger if they were in on the secret. One solution, love nobody, would dehumanize him. The […]

Newman’s Birthday Feb. 21…

John Henry Newman’s life spanned one century (1801-1890) and two Churches…Anglican and beginning in 1845, Catholic. His sermons, preached and published when he was at Oxford, are still in print! His autobiography, the Apologia Pro Vita Sua (this is NOT translated as “excuse me for living”) and The Idea of a University are English classics. […]

Our enemies the Saints…

This week “we” celebrated Thomas Aquinas and Don Bosco…two saints with plenty of enemies and we can only hope that had we lived then we would have been their friends. No good just being indifferent. Indifference leaves the field to the enemies of the saints. If the enemies had only been outside the Church, there […]