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Walking around a sociology department in the 1970s, I saw on the wall something about there being no absolute norms..such norms were a social convention, right and wrong. What is right for me is not necessarily right for you, etc etc you know the drill. Child molesting pretty much put a stop to that sort […]

To pastor or not to pastor

Germany, Ireland, and Austria are awash in the sex abuse scandal. Ireland has no less than three full bodied, lengthy police and court reports that provoked the Prime Minister to attack the Vatican in parliament. (There are Gaelic names for the prime minister and parliament, ┬ábut I am too lazy to try to get them. […]

The Irish Solution

  The Irish Catholic Church, one of the hardest hit by the tragedy of abuse of children and young people sexually and otherwise in its many parishes and institutions and with an abysmal track record of Episcopal oversight has perforce come up with a workable solution that would greatly benefit the USA. They have a […]

Easter Duty

There is a discipline in the Catholic Church (western side) that requires Catholics to go to confession during Lent and Easter time IF the person is in Mortal Sin. This always gets muddled so you have people who are NOT in mortal sin coming to do their “Easter Duty.” One really good soul told me […]

Book Reports

Here are books by my chair and bed. These are the kind of book reports you wish that you could submit in school…short. But I have read them! I recommend them for a variety of reasons which you will note. First of all, there is a book I left behind in Idaho with the Benedictine […]