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Original Sin

Peter Cromwell’s new book on John Henry Newman, The Unquiet Grave, happens to be a very engaging introduction to the Oratorian English genius who is going to be beatified this September when the Pope comes to England. His chapter on Newman’s autobiography, Apologia Pro Vita, is especially helpful. (Apologia you know means a defense, not […]

Viewing with Alarm

Every generation goes to the dogs. But then. There is a bounce back. Generosity takes over. Or. Something worse comes along and so the situation seemed better by comparison. Or. But sometimes a generation does go to the dogs and the dogs. Bad dogs. Win. The millions who died in the last century are the […]

Divided by a common language

No, this is not about how British and American and Canadian and Irish and Welsh and Scottish English differ. This is about the difficulty of Christians talking to each other and for people of different faiths to speak to each other. For instance, “original sin” is a blocker. Sin means for most people something terrible […]