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That is an unattractive stark title about a two edged sword cutting across most camps. Jason Byassee in 22 September issue of Christian Century reviews Orthodox theologian David Bentley Hart’s Atheist’ Delusions. One of Hart’s arguments is summarized as “paganism, whether ancient or modern, has no grounds for such tongue clucking [about the failures of […]

So the Gestapo guy says in all those B movies when the hero faces torture (or the same words to a lesser member of the cast who is about to be dispatched). Decades ago I got out an almanac to see what important events were happening the year of my birth, 1946. Mostly they were […]

Martyrs and Resisters

There is nothing more powerful in early Church history than the stories of the martyrs. There were, for sure, what we call confessors, people who lived their faith and were not required to witness unto death. There were great writers…my favorite is Origen who was not a martyr and not canonized. But it was as […]

Ben Hur (1880) anticipates the hidden prisons/prisoners problem. In Book Sixth, chapter 1, the author , Lew Wallace, has Pontius Pilate taking over from Valerius Gratus. Pilate wants to start well: “The worst of men do once in a while vary their wickedness by good acts; so with Pilate. He ordered an inspection of all […]