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Tom Merton January 31 birthday

Being a Wesleyan University chaplain draws some serious questions from people who have a sense that modern universities, especially Wesleyan, are “too” liberal and therefore unsuitable for religious people. Thomas Merton, Trappist, peace advocate, contemplative, became a Catholic while a student in the 1930s at Columbia University. It was then and is now, a challenging […]

John Henry Newman August 11

August 11 is the anniversary of the death of John Henry Newman, “Cardinal Newman,” who if he had not lived into his late 70s would have died believing he was a failure. He was a brilliant, holy (a favorite motto, “holiness rather than peace”), church man who spent one half of his life in the […]

This was one of a series of demonstration when clergy and nuns joined local communities and Protestant clergy in demonstrations in the 1960s. You will also find lots of pictures of Martin Luther King Jr and leaders wearing flower leis (garlands) sent from Hawaii. The University community was a pioneer in the civil rights movements […]

The Sunday Word…October 19, 2008

The Word… Give to Caesar! Give to God! Ouch! Mass Oct¬† 19 .08 9 AM 9 AM 9 AM!!! Memorial Chapel Confessions before Mass SPECIAL HOT BRUNCH AFTERWARDS +++ Homecoming 2008 Wesleyan University +++ …Fr. Hal Weidner, CO hweidner@wesleyan.edu Good Word: Matthew¬† 22:15 ff. Nothing is more hated than army of occupation. The Romans thought […]