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It is impossible to convey the joy that this small book, Hidden in the Same Mystery: Thomas Merton and Loretto, has brought me…Loretto is in fact Sister Mary Luke Tobin, one of the first women auditors at Vatican II, president of the Religious Women’s Conference, head of the Loretto Sisters (HQ foundation down the road […]

Rev. Dr. Dinosaur

Commonweal has a blog and Joe Komonchak is on a Newman streak. I have posted from the blog a little before and,  of course, I hope you look into it. The most recent one elicited a comment that quoted Newman on the Apostle St John: That reflection [Venture of faith]  also has a stirring passage about […]

Book Reports

Here are books by my chair and bed. These are the kind of book reports you wish that you could submit in school…short. But I have read them! I recommend them for a variety of reasons which you will note. First of all, there is a book I left behind in Idaho with the Benedictine […]

Blessed John XXIII, Peace maker

Pope John XXIII, “good Pope John,” called the second Vatican Council on Oct. 11, 1962. He died a year later in June of 1963. Ancient history now, I suppose, but I remember exactly where I was on both days. I was in French III at Punahou when Maryknoll Brother Venard rang the parish bells to […]